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Let is solve all your 3rd party logistics and goods preparation and examination needs.

Most of the time we can relabel and ship your goods to amazon fulfillment centers in 1-2 business days.
With our 3 years’ experience with amazon stranded and new inventory expertise you can Save time and money. Enjoy commercial storage and shipping rates.
Our warehouse is equipped with different forklifts and pallet racks, so even if you have heavy pallets or extremely heavy items, we can prep, storage and ship it without issues.
FBM services are also available, we can ship your orders from the items you keep with us to any ecommerce channel e.g. ebay, amazon FBM, groupon, Walmart, shopify, etsy and more.
With our commercial heavily discounted shipping rates with sups, ups, dhl, fedex and commercial airlines flights, you can save even more.
Shipping goods back to your manufacturer or samples to your home country, we can do all.

Thank you for considering us as your prep service and 3rd party logistics provider.

Best Services at low price.

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3PL United Logistics

Our shipping price is commercial grade pricing with more than 70% discount on ups logrouon and international and volume commercial pricing for usps.

Freight Forwarding

Do you need us for freight forwarding? No problem! We can forward your shipment to Amazon Fulfillment centers with no inspection, basic inspection or detailed inspection. Choice of yours!

Quick Turnaround

Within 24 through 48 hours, your products will be labeled, prepped and ready to receive shipping labels to send to Amazon’s warehouses.


Receive and count item 0.33$
Relabel with new FNsku label 0.46$ (including label)
Inspection 0.38$-3.75$ depends on required inspections
Send item as FBM – commercial usps, ups, fedex, dhl rate + 1.5$  – 4.5$ service fee – depends on the item and quantity
Storage 1.2$ / cubic feet / month



As your business grows, you need to be able to scale the processing of your inventory. We have the packaging expertise and experience to be able to handle any size or any quantity of items. We have been continuously packaging items for Amazon 3PL since 2015.

Our service gives you all the time you need on the part of the business that makes you money – finding the best product line for your customers. We are available by phone +1(855) 878 4636 or whatsapp +19542489007 email when you need us. We’re ready to answer your questions ranging from the most basic to a detailed prep and anything in between. We are located in the Doral USA, near Miami international airport and Miami sea port providing an opportunity for your items to arrive to Amazon’s warehouses faster and for less money.  We have daily pickups from all carriers and we’re never stuck having to chase down a truck. We also offer custom quotes for your specific packaging and preparation needs. We are happy to work with you to meet your custom requirements.

We accept removal from amazon and provide inspection for customer returned (defected items) upon request.

You can send your hijacker’s or competitor’s item directly to our warehouse and we will  inspect it and send you photos of the item or even the item itself upon request.

We can re-label, inspect, repack, create bundles and ship back to amazon upon request.

For the retail arbitrage sellers located outside the USA we can help open accounts with local suppliers, purchase from them, relabel the items and ship them for sale on your amazon account.

Additional services like liquidating your stock, selling your amazon business for you and more is available upon request.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you prefer new or experienced sellers?

    We welcome both new or established sellers.

    How can we contact you?

    We are available by Phone: 561 396 9014 or Whatsapp: 561 396 9014Email:

    Can you ship on pallets to FBA?

    Yes. We have a loading dock. We accept pallets from your suppliers and we can ship on pallets to Amazon. LTL or Full truckload.

    Do i need to pay a setup fee?

    No. We do not charge any setup fee, monthly fee or any subscription fee. We do not require contract either.

    How fast can you ship my products to Amazon?

    After you approve the shipping plan on your Amazon account, usually it can take anywhere between 3 hours to 72 hours to ship your items to Amazon.


    Where are you located?

    We are located in Jacksonville FL, (see the map above). For sea shipments coming to the east coast We also have partnered warehouses in California, USA